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Craig is a Chicago native who began his performing career when just a child, appearing in television and radio commercials. The magic bug hit early but he didn't start performing till his teens where he was soon co-hosting a weekly local television show featuring Chicago magicians. He quickly rose the ranks performing in clubs and industrial shows. Always innovating new approaches to magic, he could adapt to different types of performing conditions and audiences. This adaptibility made him a popular choice to open for touring celebrities. From Alice Cooper to the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, his style and personality won them over He became the first illusionist to appear at an outside arena rock extravaganza with his performance before 30,000 at Comiskey Park..

Later, he created and toured with the "Magic with the Symphony" concept where he performed as a guest artist with symphony orchestras performing his effects to the classical fare played behind him. Along the way, he created and built many of his own illusions. Soon fellow magicians sought him out to create and build for them as well. His creativity and ingenuity brought him to the attention of the top trade show producers who hired him to create magic built around a products assets or a companies pitch..

He re-located to southern California and there in the sunny climate of the entertainment capitol of the world his creativity and industry reputation really took off. He became the go-to guy for the magician looking for that signature, original illusion. Because of his clever engineering ability and workmanship, top illusion designers Jim Steinmeyer and Don Wayne often call on him to build the prototypes and production models of their latest creations..

Television and movie producers have called upon him to create and build effects and to date his props have appeared in five Broadway productions as well as stages in Reno, Las Vegas, on cruise lines, amusement parks and around the world.

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Magician clients include--Hans Klok, Mark Kalin, The Majestixs, John Hurakawa, Cyril Takahami, Danny Cole, Rico De La Vega, Jay Owenhouse, Scott and Muriel, Al Belmont, Eun Gyeol Lee, Tina Lenart, Chuck Jones, Silvan, Arlingtons, Rick Wilcox, Ricky Jay, Steve Dick, Mark Wilson, Luna Shemada, Dan Birch, TLC, Steve Wheeler, Rand Woodbury, Milan Forzetting, Franz Harary, John Gabriel, Mallory Lewis, David Goldrake, Jim Munroe, Dave Womach, Larry Wilson, Magic Castle, Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Steinmeyer, Universal Studios, Legoland, Mike Caveney, Curtis Adams, Mike Super, Terry Evanswood, Alexander Lien, Marshall Mcgoon, John Carney, Daniel Rosen, Nemesio Garcia, Randy Pryor, Carrie Campbell, Chipper Lowell, John Blum, Russel Lewis, Nicholas Night.